Howrah Central SUPRAVAT

Be the hope. . . . 

The program aims to work for environment and to give our future generation a greener planet .The program also looks for farmer development through modern farming.   


*  Advance farming through S.R.I.

*  Plantation of rare & medicinal plant.

* National Environmental Awareness Campaign-

*  Vermin composting.

ACF , Govt of W.B : and SUPRAVAT jointly works for S.R.I farming in Munshirhat, & entire block area of Sankrail. In Howrah district 68% population is depends on farming. S.R.I. farming is advance technology of farming with this kind of farming processes farmers can grew 3 times more crops from one field. We provide seeds, & training at free of cost, volunteer support etc.

We also organizes NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN-2012 for Howrah district supported by "Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of INDIA". Under the campaign we organizing Meetings for Farmers, Plantations, Rare Medicinal Plant Distribution and others. This is Ministry of Environment & Forest- Govt. of INDIA project under NEAC. 

VERMIN COMPOSTING : We support organic farming because using of pesticide in our farming creating various health and genetic problem in human life. Presently it is the threat  for  environment, many organization, Govt, promoting  organic farming and taking many initiatives. SUPRAVAT organizes meetings, training on Vermin Composting, exposure visit for farmers, with support from Government , Corporate (C.S.R), collaborate with Block Agriculture office, and from own contribution. We cover most of village of Howrah District like- Nalpur, Abada, Panchpara, Munshirhat, Ghoradah, Uluberia for awareness, training, & meetings.