Howrah Central SUPRAVAT

Be the hope. . . . 

Angel Children School- a holistic education program

Angel Children School is a free English medium school with dedicated staff for slum & street children located at Chunavati School math. We serve quality education to these children & 75% of them from minority community. 

SUPRAVAT has taken the initiative to target children belonging to  economically depressed family to ensure access to education. The children hailing from such distressed families’ languise for want of opportunities. Hence, SUPRAVAT has taken the initiative to draw them within the ambit of education. It has set up a primary school that is from Nursery, Class I to Class IV for those highly disadvantaged children.  75 children are usually enrolled for a period of 4 years. The children are provided with books, stationeries, dress and tiffin.  They are groomed and nursed till they complete primary education.After completion of the primary stage the children are admitted to Class V. It is quite interesting to point out that till date 35 children has passed out from the Angel School. But they are still continuing with their education quite promisingly. SUPRAVAT provides those children who are now at post primary stage with books and stationeriesTheir parents are also supporting their wards in some other ways to enable them to continue with their education, in spite of economic difficulties. The children are gradually marching towards the herald of light. Further having a plan to start computer class for them. 

This school has no funding we always seeking funds for future betterment of this project.  

School of Light                                                

Tikiapara is a well  known slum in Howrah. Located in heart of city Howrah Total population is 42,73,099 as per cencus 2011. Tikiapara is under Howrah Municipal Corporation, &  haven for a number of sick jute Mills, small-scale and cottage industries. Once "Sheffield of East" well known for cottage industries. But that is past, now huge number of daily labour, beggar,migrated people and jobless youth living here. School of Light project mainly a educational support center, where 55 school going slum children getting coaching support, education materials and education sponsorship. To motivate these children & their families for education we organized monthly mothers meeting. Providing health service by conducting health checkup camp at center by six months interval & their family also facilitate by camp. These children were selected from very poor socio-economic back ground by conducting survey and door to door visit in Tikiapara slum. Two teachers & Coordinator constantly working on the  project school of light. The entire program sponsored by our Overseas Donor from Spain.

Adolescent Education Program- 

In January 2013 we opened our Adolescent Education Center at the Angel Children School premises for the women and mothers of the children who are already attending our school. The women currently join our classes for 2 hours thrice day in a week.

These women have for long expressed a desire and need to get basic education as most of them have never been to school before. Teaching them to read, write, and do simple mathematics will both improve their status and position in the community and will also make them more capable of helping their children do their homework and better understand their development and education. The beneficiaries of the project are therefore both the women and the children in the area. 
Most of the women in the Chunavati, Pnachpara, Sultanpur community are illiterate and cannot take part effectively in helping their children with their homework, finding a job that requires reading and writing skills, or take upon them to read and write as they would like to. Our Adolescent Education Center therefore aims to meet these needs and demands and to develop and empower a group of women to increasingly take part in decision making process at household and community level. In this initiative is supported by AMBUJA CEMENT FOUNDATION, Sankrail Section.